Get rid of maintenance and drought stress and ensure a pleasant late summer

In the spring, longing for summer, no one could have predicted that a few months later the dreamed grass-green lawn would look more like a barren wasteland, and that trees would shed their leaves prematurely due to drought stress. Nevertheless, we need not despair for a pleasant late summer: nature is resilient. The question is whether that is also you, in relation to the maintenance of that garden or front garden. The answer lies in the choices made.

Falling of the leaf

Since a lot of moisture is lost through the foliage, it is not surprising that the persistent drought led nature to cover itself by going into autumn mode early.
“Et alors?” What does that have to do with you? No doubt some of those leaves have already ended up in your garden, haven't they? Add to that the a lot of dust due to the drought, and you may already have some maintenance or clearing work ahead of you, if you want to be able to spend the late summer in peace in your own garden soon.


The influence of previous choices on maintenance

How intensive that maintenance will be depends on the choices made earlier, for example with regard to your garden fence. If you opted for a natural hedge, for example, it is not inconceivable that the roots are now covered by a layer of dry leaves. Which, with a small gust of wind, threaten to cover your entire lawn. That's raking!


Even if you chose a purely wooden garden fence at the time, the weather gods showed little compassion for that investment in recent months. The persistent drought can cause untreated wood to shrink, causing cracks and even warping. Of course, some character can't hurt, but if you don't like rustic, you may need to provide the wood with a new protective layer soon. Joy…


How about gabions? Well… no, hopefully not, unless you're into toddlers! The many leaves have continuously nestled between the stones in recent months. If you want your investment back in its original state, you will undoubtedly have to pick it up for a few hours lying on the ground. Moreover, in the meantime the dry dust has also settled on your once virgin white pebbles. ah! That could have been better!


And if we are to believe climate scientists, it will hardly improve in the coming years. So it's time to make the right choices for the future!


Beautiful and easy: it is possible!

There are alternatives that are not only clever, but also easy. If you opt for the beautiful woven Woodscape garden panels, for example, you can be sure of a natural character such as that of a hedge or wooden fence, a high-quality aesthetic, but also ease of maintenance. Splendor & privacy without messing around. Class without the cold. Elegance without the hassle.

If you want to have the panels blasted clean again, you just have to take care of them with the high-pressure cleaner. That's it! And now: late summer! Health!


Do you also want to enjoy your garden carefree with Woodscape? Visit our showroom!

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