A garden fence or not?

A garden fence is not an obligation, in Flanders we do care about some privacy on our very own 'territory'. A good neighbor is still better than a distant friend, but let him or her rather stop at the garden fence and not just run into your garden. In other words, a division of the respective plots seems desirable. Even if it's just to keep an annoying dog out of your garden or front yard. Or your own pet (or children) in it!

The Flemish guy and his (front) garden

Where one goes along Flemish roads… one can sometimes become disillusioned. Little inspired front gardens with pebbles, a strip of 'residual lawn', some concrete slabs and, for lack of anything better, the obligatory garden gnome. To top it off, there is often a closure with concrete posts at knee height, or a classic wire panel.

The backyard, which in many cases does not do much better, something that regular train passengers will be able to confirm. Often the garden fence is the only level that is jacked up in the backyard relative to the front yard. Unfortunately, in most cases you have to take that literally: in the backyard, the height of the concrete sleepers often reaches your waist, while a wire panel often comes to 1.80. sigh…

What if… it could be done differently?

What if it could be done differently? What if there were also more aesthetic more creative ways of delineating your plot? Attention, mindblowing: there are also! Just like the garden itself, the closure does not have to be boring. Although you have to be wary of making the right choices. An all-too-massive, smooth aluminum barrier does not only torment the subconscious of the average inmate. A natural look, on the other hand, will invite you to spend more time outdoors, while still maintaining your privacy.


Wonderful weaving

With Woodscape panel, you get a view of the fence that not only looks wonderful, but is also kind to you when it comes to maintenance. Just clean with high pressure water machine, and the green deposit disappears like… er… snow in the sun? Whatever the case may be, the possibilities that Woodscape has to offer are almost limitless, in terms of designs, colours, materials and intermediate posts.

Would you like to discover whether there is also a Woodscape for your front yard or garden?

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