A garden fence as an extension of your garden?

You put so much effort into carefully choosing materials for your home. Then you have taken care of the garden: in every corner you will find a plant or crop that you have personally selected (or the landscape architect, that is also possible ;-)). In short, both your house and your garden look fantastic! But why does the fence stand out so much? Or do you not have one at all yet? High time to start working on that fence!

When creating the garden, we first look at grass, plants, trees, paths, etc. Perhaps also a hedge, as a natural barrier, but what if you don't want that? What if you don't want to toil with hedge trimmers twice a year? And what if you still want that natural touch? And preferably one that does not clash with the look of your house.

We present to you: Woodscape, a garden fence that you can personalize in such a way that it seems made for your home. Thanks to its clever design, you will enjoy your fence for a lifetime.

Thunderous durability

If you choose panels, the powder-coated steel frame can withstand the hottest sun, the heaviest wind, the heaviest rain and time. Because you don't have a Woodscape for a while, but for life.

The synthetic polyethylene branches are available in two color variants: UV-resistant colors or wood fiber-treated colors. Are you going for Forest green, terracotta, cedar, carbon or Maldives blue? The choice is yours!


Incredible ease of maintenance

Fan of a beautiful garden, but not into maintenance? You can skip spring cleaning for your garden fence, because just rinsing them with water is enough to make them shine.


Insightful privacy

Woodscape's wickerwork has an additional advantage: you avoid prying eyes from curious passers-by or neighbors.


Ready to make your garden fence blend seamlessly into your garden?

Request your quote without obligation or come and discover them first in our showroom.

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