Perfectionism in Production & Placement: An Exquisite Woodscape Garden Enclosure

A woven garden fence, more than meets the eye

It should come as no surprise that woven garden screens are on the rise: they not only immediately create more privacy, they also score and impress with their natural appearance. However, if you opt for a real willow fence, you will have to factor in some disadvantages.

  • The first is timing: since fresh willow branches are mainly available from June to December, you may have to be patient with your fence.
  • Another disadvantage is that willow twigs do not last forever. Untreated they last 6 to 8 years.
  • In addition, the fence also requires frequent maintenance, for example by treating it with boiled linseed oil.

But what if you could also enjoy the visual advantages of such a natural fence, without having to add the disadvantages? Meet Woodscape!

Perfectionism in production

Woodscape is the solution for those who do not want to worry about shaving or pruning hedges, or treating, varnishing or painting their garden fence, but who do appreciate woven garden fences, and also want to enjoy them for a long time. . By the grace of the craftsmen in the Forest Avenue production department in Wevelgem, this plastic garden fence is available in colours, either UV-resistant or enriched with natural wood fibers to enhance that natural character. With both variants, it is sufficient to take the high-pressure cleaner in your hand to prevent the formation of moss. It's that simple!

Perfect placement


  • (Self) placing panels

If you opt for Woodscape panels, it may be an option to install them yourself. So feel free to ask Forest Avenue for advice, and then quickly get started yourself. No time, or a fear of thresholds to tackle this project? Then you can still rely on the professionals of manufacturer Forest Avenue.

Continuous braiding by professionals

  • Prefer no visible intermediate posts?

Then it may also be an option here to call on the professionals of Forest Avenue. These craftsmen will visit you and provide a high-quality, hand-braided continuous weave with a sense of aesthetics. Since there are no intermediate posts to be seen, your garden will enjoy a visually magnifying effect.

Want to enjoy the Woodscape craftsmanship?


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