Weaving on site (only in Belgium)

Woodscape on site

Do you prefer a garden fence without visible posts? Our team comes to weave your fence on site (only in Belgium). In the case of a continuous weaving, intermediate posts are invisible. With this unique weaving technique we obtain a beautiful natural effect. This fence has two different sides to guarantee continuity. You determine the visible side yourself. If you prefer a classic weaving, an aluminum profile is visible every 3 to 4 meters. Classic weaving looks identical in front and back. A wonderful solution as a partition between you and your neighbors. You choose the height and width yourself.

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Maintenance-free and for life

The Woodscape garden fences woven on site are extremely durable and available in different colours. You are guaranteed to enjoy your architectural fence for a lifetime. Forget shaving hedges, thanks to our woven garden fences you are completely at ease. You don't have to paint or varnish them. They are maintenance-free and lifelong. The only thing you can do to prevent moss from forming is to clean them with a high-pressure cleaner.

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